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Woolwich Embarks on Green Infrastructure Plan for Elmira!

Elmira has a tree cover of 16.3 percent. It was a surprise to discover that Toronto has a 26% tree cover! Many other municipalities are well ahead of Elmira. A report commissioned by the Township of Woolwich Environmental Enhancement Committee (TWEEC)  highlighted the need to protect and care for the tree cover we have as well as to build our canopy. It is filled with ideas and priorities to help achieve a greener and healthier environment.

A copy of the report can be reached here .

Tree cover has many advantages for an urban area from cooling the streets and homes, cleaning the air, absorbing water runoff, providing bird habitat, to enhancing the appeal of the business areas. Many people have lamented the loss of the ash trees on Arthur St. in Elmira. The emerald ash borer is going to kill off virtually all the ash trees in our community and it will take a lot of effort to replace those trees.

Woolwich council has adopted the plan and is looking at priority areas to start on. Let us know your priority spots!

To improve our urban area the whole community is going to have to pitch in! There are plans for a volunteer pruning crew to care for the smaller trees on roadsides. Much planting will be done by volunteers as well.


If you would like to help please get in touch with Inga Rinne and let us know. Tell us where trees need to be planted or cared for! All talents can be put to good use from planting help to promotion  - just tell us how you can put your gifts to work.

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