"Striving to promote and improve the health and well-being of our community, economy and environment."

 Many hands make light work. 

Clean Waterways Group

The Clean Waterways Group improves water quality throughout Woolwich Township. Working with volunteers and farmers, we improve the health of Woolwich waterways by stabilizing and rehabilitating creek banks. Schools and community members have helped the core volunteers to plant native trees and shrubs along the Canagagigue Creek for over 25 years. The group has facilitated the installation of fencing to prevent cattle access to the creek. By planting trees and shrubs we have reduced erosion, preventing pollutants from entering the waterway and create wildlife corridors. Anyone can get involved by joining in on work-days to plant trees and maintain stream buffers. These creeks flow into the Grand River, which is a source of drinking water for Waterloo Region and many communities downstream. Join us to protect our drinking water! 

Committee Co-Chairs

Art Timmerman

Chris Chhatwal

What are the benefits of planting trees?


S: Shade for water…cooler, clearer, cleaner…fewer algae…more fish, frogs, toads etc.

H: Habitat for birds, insects, small animals…animal corridor

A: Air quality…trees decrease CO2 increase O2…leaves filter fine dust particles, pollen and reduce smog…carbon sinks

D: Dirt…roots reduce erosion, leaves amend the soil by decomposing, trees allow rain to filter down through them into the soil thus reducing run-off and flooding, which ensures groundwater is replaced

E: Environmental Enhancement…trees reduce noise levels, reduce heat, increase the beauty of the landscape, reduce wind and save topsoil from blowing away, decrease stress in humans… playground for children

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