The Woolwich Trails Group promotes hiking and biking in the Township. The Township boasts 10 public trails totalling more than 80 kilometres (see our map). Trail uses in the Township include walking, running, cycling, cross country skiing and snowmobiling where designated. Our volunteers lead organized hikes between March and November.  We also distribute A Guidebook to Woolwich Trails which includes maps and descriptions of all the local trails.

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Woolwich Healthy Hikes Program

The Woolwich Healthy Hike program began in 2015 and invites people to get active by walking.  Participants can log their travels and be eligible for badges as part of the 100 km and 200 km clubs.  To date, there are 10 people in the 100 and 200 km clubs. For hikers not wishing to purchase a badge, we encourage you to complete and submit your hiking log to become members of the clubs as well as to provide us with  useful formation about our trails…i.e. ones that are the most hiked, etc.

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Healthy Hikes Brochure
Healthy Hikes Log
The Healthy Hikes Badge

Congratulations to our 100 Km and 200Km Badge Earners

100 Km Club

Suzanne Morrison
Christine Webb
Luane Hanes
Aaron Holden
Kyle Gysemans
Brenda West
Cathie Kitchen
Gloria Yeung
David Taylor
Kathy McGirr
Matthew George

200 Km Club
Brenda West
Cathie Kitchen
Kyle Gysemans
Gloria Yeung
Aaron Holden
Kathy McGirr
David Taylor


The Region of Waterloo owns and maintains 16 Regional Forests and other woodland properties scattered across the region ranging in size from 5 to 50 hectares. In 2006, the Region developed a 25-year plan to maintain the ecological health and integrity of these woodlands, and to ensure they continue to provide a natural resource for the enjoyment of the residents of the region as well as visitors. Woolwich Trails Group is sponsoring a hike series exploring these forests over the next few seasons. Explore with us and receive a passport that will be stamped at each group hike. This special memento, brought to each hike, will record your efforts and remind you of your regional forests excursions.

First in the Regional Forest Hike Series!

June 7, 2016 four hikers joined leaders Nancy and Gloria in the first of WTG's Regional Forest Hike Series. The 3.0 kilometre hike took place in Sudden Tract, a 89 ha site in North Dumfries Township.  While a short distance hike, the group spent two hours hiking and enjoying the flora and fauna of the beautiful Carolinian Forest.

Observations on the hike included some wonderful examples of wetland and upland forest species; skunk cabbage, columbine, horsetail and several other ferns in the understory of the maple, beech, oak, hickory and larch trees that make up the majority of the forest. A water snake and a garter snake were found sunning next to one of the vernal pools, and to the delight of all, a scarlet tanager amazed us with his bold presence on a branch above the trail.




Second in the Regional Forest Hike Series!

A total of 13 hikers joined Linda, Nancy and Gloria on the second hike of the Regional Forests Hike Series on October 16th from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Waterloo Landfill Woodlot, commonly known as the Hydrocut.

Albert Hovingh, Environmental and Stewardship Planner with the Region of Waterloo, led the group on an informative exploration of about five kilometres of the mixed hardwood bush. Hikers learned how the Region manages this beautiful tract of land for both ecological and recreational values. The trails see use by mountain bikers, hikers and runners and despite the mixed use, little conflict occurs.

Since 2009, the Waterloo Cycling Club’s Trails Committee ( has been managing and maintaining the trails under a stewardship agreement with the region. Given the heavy use of the trail network throughout the forest, this partnership is valued and vital to the health of the tract. Hiking through, there were many examples evident of thoughtful solutions implemented to protect users, the forest growth and trails that allow this recreational gem to be sustained. Stories of widespread knowledge of this tract show its reputation as a success storey from which other networks of mixed use could be modelled.

The day was warm and although starting out with the threat of rain, sunshine broke through by the end of the hike. Hikers received the “hydrocut stamp” in their Regional Hike Series passport, and can continue to collect the stamps in future hikes in the series. Join us next time! Watch for our spring and fall hike schedules on this page.


Geocaching in Woolwich

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate “geocaches,” which are containers hidden outdoors, and then share your experiences online. The Township Of Woolwich is geocaching friendly, and we ask that you respect local laws and obey posted signs. People of all ages are invited to participate in this fun activity while exploring Woolwich Trails.
For more information, see or download a brochure.


    Signs and Trail Access Points

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In An Emergency

In any EMERGENCY situation whenever police, fire or ambulance assistance is required immediately, telephone 911. If you are unsure, call 911 and the communicator will help make a determination. When calling 911, report your location stating the Municipal Emergency Number found on the green emergency signs posted at key trail access points. These numbers are also indicated in the guidebook for each trail on the maps, and in the text under “Parking and Access”.


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Credit: Whitney Neilson, Woolwich Observer

In 2016 four hikers earned the 100 km badges as part of the Healthy Hike Program offered by the Woolwich Trails Group. Pictured  are Suzanne Morrison, Christine Webb, Luane Hanes.  Kyle Gysemans was not available for the photo.  Kyle has earned both 100 km and 200 km badges.  The picture was taken before the WTG January 25, 2016 Night Hike at Sandy Hills Pinery Trail.



2013 School Hike Day on the Mill Race Trail, St. Jacobs

2013 School Hike Day on the Mill Race Trail, St. Jacobs

Health Valley Trail Upgrades - October 2015

A small, but enthusiastic crew, upgraded two wet sections of the HVT on October 3, 2015. Thanks to Mark, Gloria, Nancy and Ken (on the tractor).