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TThe Clean Waterways Group improves water quality throughout Woolwich Township. Working with volunteers and landowners, we improve the health of Woolwich waterways by stabilizing and rehabilitating creek banks. Schools and community members have helped the core volunteers to plant native trees and shrubs and install fencing along upper sections of the Canagagigue Creek. These activities reduce erosion and prevent pollutants from entering the waterway. You and your family can get involved by participating in occasional planning and education meetings and by joining in on work-days to plant trees and maintain stream buffers.  

Our thanks to the Floradale Mennonite Youth Group for supporting our Adopt-a-Creek program!


For more information or to get involved in our activities, contact Barb Taylor at 669-3961 or fill out the form below.

To keep our water clean, we have started an Adopt-A-Creek program in the Township of Woolwich.





The recent tragedies with water quality across Ontario illustrate the urgent need to protect our water resources. Locally, the Clean Waterways Group has taken action and found some simple solutions to providing long-term protection for our vital water resources.

One meaningful solution is through creek restoration. Our group initiates these restoration projects locally---but we need help to ensure their success long term. By adopting a section of a restoration site, you allow our group to continue initiating new sites. Your organization can make a real difference by participating in our Adopt-a-Creek program! We’ll give you all the tools you need!

What are the benefits of creek restoration?

Creek restoration means stabilizing banks and planting trees and shrubs as buffers along waterways to improve water quality:  

  Stable banks prevent soil erosion, keeping water clearer and cleaner.
  Creekbank vegetation filters pollution from fertilizers and manure, thus preventing manure-related diseases from bacteria such as e. coli and cryptosporidium.
  Tree shade cools the water, promoting healthy fish habitat.
  Trees and shrubs provide food and shelter for birds, butterflies, and small mammals.


What’s involved in adopting a creek?

  A multi-year commitment
  One night (2 - 2.5 hours) commitment each month from April to October

Watering trees (in dry times), clearing brush around trees, laying brush blankets, installing tree guards, and additional tree planting.

  We supply the training, tools and materials.


What are the benefits to our organization?

This is an excellent opportunity for your organization to:

  Expand existing portfolio of community activities and outreach
  Provide significant educational opportunities for service club members and the wider public
  Make a significant contribution to the health of the Township

To join the program or for further information, please call Barb at 519-669-3961.