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Woolwich Healthy Communities is a volunteer group in the Township of Woolwich which strives to promote and improve the health and well being of our community, economy and environment.  
We make opportunities for people of all ages and walks of life to gather and enjoy hiking, biking, learning and working together. Our projects include planting trees, maintaining trails, organizing workshops, and more. Each year in April we organize a township wide Healthy Communities Month with a dozen different events all over the area. You’re invited to participate—to use your talents and energy, pursue your favorite recreational activities, and make new friends while contributing to the health of our community.

Formed in 1991, Woolwich Healthy Communities currently facilitiates five working groups: Clean Waterways, Trails, On-road Cycling, Environmental Enhancement, and a Co-ordinating Committee. Other groups, such as a Well Water Quality group and a Sustainable Community group have sprung up from time to time to address particular needs and interests. For details on the groups' activities, click on top navigation bar.




In 2007, the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition gave us its Community Recognition Award.

In 2008, the Clean Waterways Group was honoured by the Grand River Conservation Authority with a Watershed Award for helping farmers protect and improve the quality of the creeks flowing through their land.


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